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A Continent For The Taking

Howard W. French

In A Continent for the Taking Howard W. French, a veteran correspondent for The New York Times, gives a compelling firsthand account of some of Africa’s most devastating recent history–from the fall of Mobutu Sese Seko, to Charles Taylor’s arrival in Monrovia, to the genocide in Rwanda and the Congo that left millions dead.

Democracy, Expertise, Academic Freedom

Robert C. Post

A leading American legal scholar offers a surprising account of the incompleteness of prevailing theories of freedom of speech. Robert C. Post shows that the familiar understanding of the First Amendment, which stresses the “marketplace of ideas” and which holds that "everyone is entitled to an opinion," is inadequate to create and preserve the expert knowledge that is necessary for a modern democracy to thrive.

Democracy in Retreat

Joshua Kurlantzick

Since the end of the Cold War, the assumption among most political theorists has been that as nations develop economically, they will also become more democratic - especially if a vibrant middle class takes root. This assumption underlies the expansion of the European Union and much of American foreign policy, bolstered by such examples as South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, and even to some extent Russia.

Diaspora for Development in Africa

Sonia Plaza, Dilip Ratha

The diaspora of developing countries can be a potent force for development, through remittances, but more importantly, through promotion of trade, investment, knowledge and technology transfers. The book aims to consolidate research and evidence on these issues with a view to formulating policies in both sending and receiving countries.

Doing The Right Thing

Becker, Lawrence

Lawrence Becker remarks that “it is no wonder that the American Congress is among the most reviled of American institutions,” and casts partial blame on political scientists who depict Congress as “gridlocked, impotent, overly influenced by special interests, and even corrupt (p. ix).

Legal Drafting

Thomas Haggard, George Kuney

Haggard and Kuney's Legal Drafting in a Nutshell provides guidance on producing transactional documents, contracts, instruments, legislation, and regulations that solve existing problems and prevent future problems. It offers both a large-scale overview of the drafting process and a small-scale discussion of the mechanics of legal documents at the sentence, word, and punctuation level.

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