Library Policy


The Institute  has published several books, policy analysis reports, manuals and guides for the legislature on areas of legislative oversight and legislative drafting , legislative practice and procedure, gender and leadership training manual, induction manual for new legislators and a code of ethics for the National Assembly. Others include important research  and policy analysis reports, annual reviews of Federal Government’s Revenue and  Expenditure Plans and Budget Analysis.

Some of NILDS’ important  publications include the following:

  1. A Century of Law Making In Nigeria (7 Volumes)
  2. 40 Years in Ecowas
  3. The National Assembly And Democratic Governance In Nigeria
  4. Legislative Oversight: A Study Of Performance In Nigeria National Assembly
  5. Committees In The Nigeria National Assembly: A Study Of The Performance Of Legislative Functions 2003-2010
  6. National Assembly Gender Strategy & Training Manual
  7. Legislative Oversight Manual
  8. Legislative Practice and Procedure
  9. Induction Manual for New Legislators
  10. Code of Ethics for the National Assembly
  11. 14 years of law making 4th-6th national assembly: an analysis of bills processed vols 1-4
  12. Annual Reviews of  Government Revenue and Expenditure Plans
  13. Removal Process of the Chief Executive  under the 1999 Constitution
  14. Nigeria’s Social Indicators for Policy and Legislative Guide
  15. The East-Asian Export Driven Economics Growth: Lesson for Nigeria
  16. Various Reports of Senate Retreats: 2007, 2008, 2009
  17. Committees in the Nigeria National Assembly: a Study of the Performance of Legislative Functions
  18. Assessing Legislation: a Manual for Legislators
  19. Various Reports of Retreats on Budget for Appropriation and Finance Committee of the National Assembly
  20. National Assembly Statistical Information vol. 2 no. 1, 2008
  21. Report of Stakeholders Interfaces i & ii on a Public Communication Policy for the National Assembly
  22. Nigeria State Assemblies: a Study of Legislative Activities 2006-2007
  23. Nigeria State Assemblies: a Study of Legislative Activities 1999-2005
  24. National Statistical Information vol.3, 2009
  25. National Assembly of Nigeria Directory 6th National Assembly (2007-2011) – vols. 1-5
  26. Nigeria Journal of Legislative Affairs vols. 1-6
  27. Review of the 2013 – 2015 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and fiscal strategy paper (FSP) of the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  28. Delays in Enactment of Appropriation Bills in Nigeria: Implications for Capital Budgets Implementation.
  29. Analysis of Pro-Poor Components of Annual Budget of Federal Government of Nigeria, 2000-2011
  30. The International Conference on Law Reform & Law Making Process
  31. Assessing Legislation Manual, a Manual for  Legislators


In addition to general Library and Information Services such as borrowing books out to eligible users of the institute, providing conducive atmosphere for study and learning, inter library loan, the unit provides the following special services: 
*   Selective Dissemination of Information, (SDI) to various units, 
*   Current Awareness Services (CAS) particularly on political issues, legislation, and parliamentary affairs, 
*   Indexing and Abstract Services, 
*   Bibliographic services, 
*   Electronic Reference Services etc.


The beneficiaries of the Library’s services are: 
NILS staff, 
NASS Staff and Legislators 
NILS P.G. Students, 
Researchers from within and outside Nigeria, and 
All other duly registered members. 

Rules and Regulations

All eligible users are to register with the library. 
Users are allowed to borrow only two books for a period of one week. 
Users must present their ID cards before borrowing any item from the library. 
All reference and serial collections are to be used within the library premises.